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Have the Furniture You Love With Caning and Rush Weaving

Do you love the look of wicker, rattan, or other woven-wood furniture? Great for the patio, the porch, the sitting room, or the living area, cane furniture creates a splendid look that goes with just about any décor. Don't just toss your worn cane furniture. Bring it to Spicer's at 3649 Wheeler Street or call 703-751-0320 to arrange repairs!

Weaving you a new piece of elegant furniture

Interlocking wood hand caning

Machine caning

Rush weaving

Wicker stripping and refinishing

At Spicer's Upholstery, Inc. we offer furniture restoration and repair services, you can get expert caning and rush weaving for your favorite, yet worn, pieces. No matter the style, Spicer's can duplicate the intricate designs that make your cane furniture so unique.

Don't settle for brittle caning that will break before long. Spicer's Upholstery, Inc. re-canes your piece with the most flexible, durable cane and rush available.

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